Rositsa 'roz' Zaharieva - Digital Painter & Illustrator

Hi, I'm Rositsa 'roz' Zaharieva and I'm a digital illustrator.
I love fantasy, fairy tales, mythology and folklore and that's what I like to paint.

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The Bipolar Z-Rex Finale (Page 8 & 9)

The Bipolar Z-Rex Finale

Soooo …

Neither is it Monday, nor haveĀ I kept up to my promise to update you with a Z-Rex page every week, let alone on Monday. BUT. Even if it does sound like I’m making excuses, the past two months were so hectic and overwhelming that Z-Rex simply had to wait.

Then comes the second BUT. Read the rest of the article »

The Bipolar Z-Rex (Page 7)

The Bipolar Z-Rex (Page 7)

Hello there and happy Monday!

See? I even remembered to post the usual Z-Rex page on time this week! YAY!

There’s not much to say about this one, other than the fact it’s da bomb. Literally. Read the rest of the article »

The Bipolar Z-Rex (Page 6)

The Bipolar Z-Rex (Page 6)

Hey guys! Happy New Year!

I’m not going to go all cheesy now but still, I wish you a wonderful one, filled with love, inspiration, new adventures, many unforgettable experiences with the people you love and so on. Just a marvelous one! :)

Now, I know it was Monday yesterday, but you’ll get your weekly dose of Z-Rex today. Because.. life sometimes happens and I can’t always keep up to my promises (bad Roz, baaad!). Read the rest of the article »